Tiny Totos plays an advisory, support and investor role in helping slum-based daycares run fit for purpose ventures.

We work in partnership with independent, private daycares to build up standards, services and entrepreneurial capacity, so that they can provide market-leading care at competitive, affordable prices.

When we first start working with partner daycares, we generally find them falling into a description that fits daycare stage D below. Our team works closely with them over a 3-6 month period to bring them from D to B. We then will work on a lighter touch basis for 6 months afterwards in the effort to consolidate B and get them on a platform to A. After one year’s collaboration they remain in our network able to access our free monthly training programmes, apply for our 0% interest loan facilities and continue with a reduced but constant level of supervision to ensure that standards and systems we introduced are being maintained.

Daycare stage Description
D Daycare operating without any standards, systems, license or routine.  Situated in a substandard / unsafe facility.  Run by an entrepreneur without any formal training in ECDE.
C Daycare is adopting systems and routine, entrepreneur is being trained in ECDE rationale and methodology as well as business management, financial literacy.  Facility has been improved.
B Daycare is proficient and has met aspired fundamental standards of ECDE, has good financial and record keeping, is demonstrating personal growth, provides above market care
A Daycare is on a growth trajectory in terms of numbers of children in its care, income and programmes and personal ambitions and self-worth of the lead entrepreneur

They say a picture speaks a 1000 words – as such we decided to show with visuals the transformation of ‘Shoshos’ daycare which we began work with in early 2015 and how it looks a year later:

Shosho's Daycare BeforeShosho's Daycare After

From 2013-2015 Tiny Totos focused on refining its intervention model and making it as cost-effective and impactful as possible, with a view to ramping up work and providing a platform to scale. In 2016, we are exploring new partners and strategies for further ramping up our effort, including working in partnership with corporates to upgrade slum-based daycares and position ourselves as a service-provider in this space (to thereby ensure we secure our own independent revenue source to support cost of our upgrading services) and by providing bootcamp opportunities to aspiring daycare managers with the best candidates receiving investment to launch daycare businesses after training has been completed.

For any questions or suggestions on our programme, offers to partner or to help, please refer to our contacts page for details on how to reach us.