Tiny Totos Solution

Tiny Totos Kenya aims to develop a cost-effective and replicable business intervention programme designed to set achievable market standards of service delivery for private slum-based daycares.  Through the provision of basic equipment to address safety and learning needs, through training of daycare staff in early childhood education, first aid and business management skills, and by working with parents and local authorities, we pursue a multi-faceted and a collective effort to set standards of daycares in slums.

Our approach focuses on businesses and entrepreneurs to avoid dependency. We expect core running costs to remain the responsibility of the daycare managers. We motivate entrepreneurs to engage in a business self-improvement programme and adopt regulatory systems with the opportunity to improve their businesses and earn more money.

We have started with informal home and centre based daycares, but in order to more rapidly scale our impact we are looking to engage with private companies employing underskilled women labourers suffering absenteeism, lost revenue and production due to employees’ unreliable child care arrangements to support daycares that can address this shared problem.  By demonstrating the cost savings that such an investment can deliver, we intend to create a more compelling revenue model and argument to encourage more companies and ultimately, government itself into this space.  If our model once proven is eventually replicated and scaled by others then we will be satisfied; Tiny Totos Kenya was not established to build its own profile and status, but simply to be a conduit of change.